How To Use Stovetop Espresso Maker ?

How To Use Stovetop Espresso Maker


Moka or Espresso coffee machine

There have already been several occasions when a relative or acquaintance seeks me to explain how to use this type of coffee. The MOKA coffee machine is better known as espresso for the home. Maybe some of you have one of these at home, and have never had the audacity to prepare in it. With this article I will guide you step by step to prepare your espresso at home and use it to make recipes different from those of a simple dark coffee.


Stovetop Espresso Maker


First of all, you should know that the preparation result of the moka coffee maker is characterized as a dark and quite strong drink. Likewise, espresso coffee is always a small amount not exceeding 3 ounces liquid, that is why in advance I clarify that the resulting coffee will not be liked by most people. But that does not mean that we can not take advantage of our coffee maker to achieve other drinks.


Let’s start with knowing the coffee maker thoroughly:

1.  The moka coffee machine consists of 3 pieces, BASE – FILTER – JUG.

2.  At the base we put pure water.

3.  Proceed to put the filter and inside this the ground coffee. (recommended a type of fine grinding).

4.  We screw the jug on the top and close well.

5.  We put at medium temperature, and between 4 to 6 minutes we get our coffee.


The result of this method is a concentrated coffee or as in Italy they usually call it, Espresso Coffee. There are a few people who have a taste for consuming coffee in this way, but espresso can be used as a base for different preparations, so much so that most drinks that we can see in a coffee bar have Espresso as the main ingredient.

So, we can make some special drinks at home, they can take the recipe I gave them in my article “How to prepare a shake at home” and change soluble or instant coffee for a moka coffee prepared with your coffee maker, this will be noticeable in our final drink since we are using fresher and more natural ingredients.

Or we can take a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and bathe it with moka coffee and why not? some liqueur like Amaretto or Triple Sec.

I hope you can use my advice and we are going right now to dust off that coffee pot that we have decorating in the kitchen. Remember that the more creative we are, the better the result will be.

7 Tips For You To Decorate Your Bathroom

Place to relax and put your mind to day, the bathroom can be decorated in countless ways. In this post, we will give tips on how to decorate the bathroom easily and avoiding large expenses. Check below!



A good mirror makes a difference!

In the bathroom, the mirror is something much more than decorative, it is necessary! However, the ideal is that you combine with the rest of the bathroom and leave the environment aesthetically beautiful. The place where it should be inserted is above the sink counter, so it is critical that you pay attention to the size before you purchase yours. Remember that very small mirrors in the bathroom do not do very well with their function.


Invest in enlightenment!

Lighting is important in any environment of the home, especially in the bathroom. Nobody wants to bathe in the dark, right ?! For this type of environment, LED bulbs are more than enough because they light up well and, above all, are economical. You can work by placing a spot on the ceiling and bulbs on the wall or above the countertop or next to the (and even on the own) mirror.


Little plants leave the cozy climate

Plants are all good! In the bathroom, they can develop very well because of the air humidity, which is high. Not to mention that they also purify the environment. Choose a small or medium-sized plant, put it in a drain, and that’s it!


Leave your personal touch

Just as a room dresser has its identity, the bathroom counter can also have it! Photos, symbolic objects and other items that have meaning for you can be placed next to the sink, thus making your bathroom have your face. But beware, certain materials should be careful when placing them in damp environments, as they may end up getting damaged.


Use a custom cabinet and cabinets

Get away from the ordinary! Cabinets and cabinets are essential parts of the bathroom. Why not then leave him with your face? A good tip is to ask a cabinet maker you trust to help customize a cabinet you have purchased. That way, you can leave every detail of your way. Use and abuse colors and artifacts.


Get Organized!

The organization must be present in our whole life, is not it? In the bathroom it is no different. Use features like baskets, cabinets, and shelves (even small ones) to sort everything from creams, lotions, towels, and laundry. You can be sure that this makes all the difference in aesthetics! You can improvise using embellishments such as a ladder to serve as a towel holder, for example.


Final touch

Now that you’ve left your bathroom beautiful as ever, how about giving a flavored in the air ?! It’s very simple and you check some tips that we gave here in our blog. This will certainly make the environment more cozy.

Residential lighting: find out which types of luminaire are most suitable for each environment

Choosing the correct luminaires for each home environment is important both for the decoration and for the correct distribution of light throughout the house. Having adequate residential lighting is essential to generate the sense of well-being and comfort in intimate areas or give the necessary focus to service environments.

For this, it is important to think not only of the quantity and color of light in each environment, but also of the most appropriate arrangement and distribution of the points of light. We separate fundamental tips to help you choose the fixtures for each environment of your home, check it out!



Lighting of the living room and living room

The room is usually a multifunctional space where people gather to talk, watch television, receive visitors …. So your lighting needs to be versatile and suitable for all activities. The ideal is that this environment brings the feeling of coziness, but without impairing the functionality of the activities.

Pendant luminaires can be used in general lighting, but the ideal is to segment the lighting to take in all the functions of this room. Use washers and lamps to create a more diffuse than directed light flow of light that helps bring that sense of comfort and bets on specific points of directional lighting to enhance specific frames and objects.

If you have a home office in the living room wrap in desk lamps to enhance the lighting. White light bulbs help keep focus in addition to showing colors more accurately.


Dining room with more charm

This environment can be integrated into the living room, but still deserves its own lighting focus. The best option is to choose a pendant lamp with long wire, which will let the light focus between 60 cm and 80 cm away from the surface of the table. In this way the light highlights the food without obfuscating the look. It is important that you choose bulbs that do not emit heat because their proximity may cause discomfort during meals. Led lamps are the most suitable for this space.


Kitchen and laundry: functional lighting

Both environments are intended for domestic work, so they need intense and well-distributed illumination, without causing shadows that could harm the visualization of the environment.

Platfons and spots spread over the ceiling provide good light in the room, but if hanging cabinets cast shadows on countertops and sinks, you can enhance lighting with led strips or tubular bulbs positioned below them.


Cozy rooms with indirect light

The room lighting should be cozy and intimate, providing the relaxing climate needed for rest. In this way, the most appropriate is to invest in diffuse and indirect lighting.

Long pendant lamps, lamps and strategically positioned spots are perfect for creating the indirect lighting effect. If they are controlled by dimmer, which controls the incidence of ambient light, the feeling of comfort is enhanced.


Bathroom: balance between functionality and comfort

The bathroom needs comforting lighting, but at the same time, it is as close as possible to natural light, because it is in this space that people usually dress, shave and look after themselves.

As the space of this environment is smaller, it needs few points of light. In general, a built-in platfon is sufficient to give general illumination of space. Spots nearby, preferably positioned around the mirror complement the illumination, filling the shadows and providing uniform light throughout the face.

One tip is to choose IRC bulbs between 80 and 100, which leave the colors closer to those of natural light, and shielded spots and platfons, resistant to water vapor and the typical humidity of the bathrooms.


Functional and cozy closet

If you have a large closet in your house or apartment, you need a special lighting project for it. In addition to providing brightness close to natural, all items must be easily viewed.

Spots of light inside the cabinets and niches help in the visualization of clothes and accessories. Already in the dresser is valid to use washers in the walls, around the sides of the mirror, to promote uniform illumination on the face. Pendants and chandeliers can create a general illumination with decorative effects, leaving the ambience more charming.

Express Reform: 4 tips to make your bathroom brand new!

It’s the time when the bathroom was a little corner of the house, was not it? Nowadays there are several materials that allow it to be a beautiful and much more pleasant space!

And if you think your bathroom deserves a new face, then stay tuned as we bring you 4 simple tips to change the decor!



Invest in bathroom accessories

The details make all the difference, and this applies very well to bathroom accessories. Changing soap dispensers, towel racks, trash cans and other items is a start to changing the decor, but it is important that you follow some standardization, whether in color, texture or type of material. For example, instead of having a white plastic bin, a chrome soap dish and a black towel holder, how about you change everything for the same color and the same material? Thus, everything is more harmonious and visually more beautiful!


Time to change the shower!

Your shower is old and dull? So how about switching to a more modern model? So, in addition to having the warm bath of each day you add more beauty to your bathroom. A cool tip is to invest in showers that have a very different design from the ordinary, such as rectangular, showers that play music, shower with hydromassage, etc.


Tracks for a splash of color!

Does your bathroom have a monochrome finish and do you miss some colorful detail? A cool tip is to invest in wall brackets or tablets! At the Show House you have dozens of options, ranging from banana bands to banners with flower, animal and wave designs. No need to be afraid to dare! If your bathroom is very discreet, put more attractive bands, either by the stronger colors or different designs!


How about a support tank?

You must have seen on the television those sinks where the tub is not built, right? The support vats are trend due to its modern look and it can be combined with different types of tops, which can be glass, stone or even wood, it all depends on the type of decor you have chosen for your bathroom. And the best thing is that the installation of the tub is very simple and do not delay, thus giving a new air to your bathroom in a short time.

And these were our tips! And you, do you have some cool trick to renovate the decor of some corner of your house? Tell us in the comments!

5 Tips for Choosing a Toilet

When renovating and building the toilets are going to the finishing stage, it is time to choose the last details, including the linings, the dishes and the accessories.

From the lavatory to the toilet, the choice must be careful, after all there are different models, colors and brands available in the market. The ideal is to choose pieces that are in accordance with the available space, that is, that combine with the decoration of the environment, are functional and do not extrapolate the budget.

Here are some practical tips on how to choose an ideal toilet.





1. Set the type of toilet for your bathroom

Before going shopping, it is important that you know the main types of pot available in the market. That way you can make a good choice.

The most popular models are conventional pots and vases with box attached. Conventional vessels are simple, compact and therefore suitable for small bathrooms as they contribute to the optimization of space.

Vessels with box coupled, in turn, are modern, economical and sustainable options. Generally they count on double drive of flow of water (3 and 6 liters), which avoids the waste.


2. Choose a template that fits with the decor

The toilet has long ceased to be just a functional item. Nowadays, besides the functionality, this piece adds value to the decoration of the space. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a vase with style, design and color that match the decor of the bathroom or toilet.

When choosing the toilet model, evaluate the other items of the environment such as the faucet, tub, tub, cabinet, floors, linings, among others. Try to create a harmonious and balanced composition.


3. Pay attention to the size of the toilet

A golden tip when choosing the toilet is to pay attention to the dimensions of the piece. Regardless of model and color, it is necessary to check the width, depth and height.

This is the best way to confirm that the vase fits into the available space and that it is proportional to the size of the toilet. It is worth remembering that this strategy is also indicated when choosing the bench, box, mirror and so on.


4. Focus on product quality

The quality of the product should not be overlooked! When choosing a toilet for the bathroom or toilet, give preference to reliable brands such as Deca, Luzarte, Eternit, Logasa, Roca and Incepa. Also, shop in good stores.

Once you have chosen the brand and store, look at the product features such as durability, comfort, standard finish and certifications. This care makes all the difference!


5. Keep an eye on technical issues

Do not choose your toilet without first analyzing technical issues such as the hydraulic installation and the necessary materials.

If necessary, seek the help of a specialist to guide your decisions and determine if you need to make adaptations in the space for the toilet to be installed.

Vintage kitchen: check out our tips to leave yours with this style

The vintage style is more and more fashionable, whether in clothes, hairstyles or even decoration! In today’s post, we give you tips on how to apply this style in your kitchen!




The furniture has to be old!

Unlike the retro style, the vintage uses furniture that really comes from behind, if you mess around since Grandma’s time. You can find this type of furniture in specialized thrift stores. Surely in these you will find something that will please you. When changing the furniture, use indicated colors (that we will talk about below) and varnishes, to give brightness and restoration to the piece.


Earrings combine a lot!

At a time when old kitchens were considered current, there were no spot-type luminaires or other ones that are inserted over the ceiling. In those times, “hanged”, or colorful pendants were much more used. Put some of these types of luminaires that will surely shine (in all senses)!


Put a closet!

Usually vintage kitchens have large cabinets where all the dishes are placed. If your kitchen is spacious, to give an even more vintage effect, betting on this type of cabinet is a good one! So you put all the dishes in it and use the cabinets to stock other material of your choice.


Use pastel shades

Vintage kitchens will always have color somewhere, no matter if it is on the wall or in the objects. On the walls, to create an effect reiente to that of the old kitchens, use pastel shades as light blue or green, also clear. To contrast with the wall, put more vibrant shades on objects such as tables, chairs, or even kitchen utensils! Just be careful with visual pollution!

Beautiful is not it? Now that you have the tips, it’s time to apply them. To the next!

Learn how to choose the right kitchen appliances ?

Choosing objects for your kitchen goes way beyond the decor. Unlike all the rooms in the house, it is in the kitchen that practicality is required. Before positioning the appliances, make an analysis of how the flow in the kitchen takes place. For example, it is common to remove the food from the refrigerator, transfer it to the sink and then reach the stove. How about following this order, if possible online? Placing these three distant appliances will make your kitchen not at all functional.

To decide which appliances will be purchased, evaluate some important issues:



Size of the family and their habits

For a couple, a four-burner stove, for the big family, a six-burner stove and an independent oven, for example, is also suitable. Are the purchases weekly or monthly? The storage of products interferes in the size of the refrigerator and also in the need of a freezer. If the family problem is just ice, forget the freezer and just buy the ice maker.


Kitchen and laundry area size

If these environments are small, buy 2-in-1 appliances: side-by-side refrigerators with little depth replace the double-fridges + freezer. The microwave with electric oven is very practical. The filter on the worktop can be replaced by the Aquaris filter under the vat. In this way, the cold water from the faucet has already filtered out. In the laundry area, the washer dryer is an excellent solution.


Who will use the kitchen?

Who will use the kitchen, you or the maid? The choice of finishes depends on this response. The stainless steel appliances are sturdy, but show more scratches. If you think that employees “detonate” the equipment a lot, do not invest huge amounts in these parts. Buy simple lines of good marks with white finish. They will work well, do not compromise aesthetics and avoid headaches. If you love cooking, buy a great stove and everything else you want. Good equipment can last for many years and makes all the difference to those who cook.


Important: each brand has a different metallic and / or metallic finish. If you are going to mix brands, check if the finishes are compatible.


Check your electrical network

Check the mains and charging board before purchasing the equipment. Ovens and grinders require a lot of energy and you may not have enough. It is also important to check if the equipment you are purchasing is 110 or 220 volts and its suitability to the electrical installations of the house. Crushers can only be installed in stainless steel tanks. Hoods can only be installed if there is provision for duct in construction, otherwise the solution is the air purifier.


Make a wish list list

Before buying, make a complete list of the desired equipment, with the dimensions and technical information and take this list to the store. Usually the seller introduces us to other products, sometimes on promotion or as an alternative to the equipment that is on the list and which he does not have at the moment. When you make the replacement, you check that the dimensions and capacity of the equipment will be compatible with what you have previously planned.

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