5 Tips for Choosing a Toilet

When renovating and building the toilets are going to the finishing stage, it is time to choose the last details, including the linings, the dishes and the accessories.

From the lavatory to the toilet, the choice must be careful, after all there are different models, colors and brands available in the market. The ideal is to choose pieces that are in accordance with the available space, that is, that combine with the decoration of the environment, are functional and do not extrapolate the budget.

Here are some practical tips on how to choose an ideal toilet.





1. Set the type of toilet for your bathroom

Before going shopping, it is important that you know the main types of pot available in the market. That way you can make a good choice.

The most popular models are conventional pots and vases with box attached. Conventional vessels are simple, compact and therefore suitable for small bathrooms as they contribute to the optimization of space.

Vessels with box coupled, in turn, are modern, economical and sustainable options. Generally they count on double drive of flow of water (3 and 6 liters), which avoids the waste.


2. Choose a template that fits with the decor

The toilet has long ceased to be just a functional item. Nowadays, besides the functionality, this piece adds value to the decoration of the space. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a vase with style, design and color that match the decor of the bathroom or toilet.

When choosing the toilet model, evaluate the other items of the environment such as the faucet, tub, tub, cabinet, floors, linings, among others. Try to create a harmonious and balanced composition.


3. Pay attention to the size of the toilet

A golden tip when choosing the toilet is to pay attention to the dimensions of the piece. Regardless of model and color, it is necessary to check the width, depth and height.

This is the best way to confirm that the vase fits into the available space and that it is proportional to the size of the toilet. It is worth remembering that this strategy is also indicated when choosing the bench, box, mirror and so on.


4. Focus on product quality

The quality of the product should not be overlooked! When choosing a toilet for the bathroom or toilet, give preference to reliable brands such as Deca, Luzarte, Eternit, Logasa, Roca and Incepa. Also, shop in good stores.

Once you have chosen the brand and store, look at the product features such as durability, comfort, standard finish and certifications. This care makes all the difference!


5. Keep an eye on technical issues

Do not choose your toilet without first analyzing technical issues such as the hydraulic installation and the necessary materials.

If necessary, seek the help of a specialist to guide your decisions and determine if you need to make adaptations in the space for the toilet to be installed.

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