Express Reform: 4 tips to make your bathroom brand new!

It’s the time when the bathroom was a little corner of the house, was not it? Nowadays there are several materials that allow it to be a beautiful and much more pleasant space!

And if you think your bathroom deserves a new face, then stay tuned as we bring you 4 simple tips to change the decor!



Invest in bathroom accessories

The details make all the difference, and this applies very well to bathroom accessories. Changing soap dispensers, towel racks, trash cans and other items is a start to changing the decor, but it is important that you follow some standardization, whether in color, texture or type of material. For example, instead of having a white plastic bin, a chrome soap dish and a black towel holder, how about you change everything for the same color and the same material? Thus, everything is more harmonious and visually more beautiful!


Time to change the shower!

Your shower is old and dull? So how about switching to a more modern model? So, in addition to having the warm bath of each day you add more beauty to your bathroom. A cool tip is to invest in showers that have a very different design from the ordinary, such as rectangular, showers that play music, shower with hydromassage, etc.


Tracks for a splash of color!

Does your bathroom have a monochrome finish and do you miss some colorful detail? A cool tip is to invest in wall brackets or tablets! At the Show House you have dozens of options, ranging from banana bands to banners with flower, animal and wave designs. No need to be afraid to dare! If your bathroom is very discreet, put more attractive bands, either by the stronger colors or different designs!


How about a support tank?

You must have seen on the television those sinks where the tub is not built, right? The support vats are trend due to its modern look and it can be combined with different types of tops, which can be glass, stone or even wood, it all depends on the type of decor you have chosen for your bathroom. And the best thing is that the installation of the tub is very simple and do not delay, thus giving a new air to your bathroom in a short time.

And these were our tips! And you, do you have some cool trick to renovate the decor of some corner of your house? Tell us in the comments!

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