Learn how to choose the right kitchen appliances ?

Choosing objects for your kitchen goes way beyond the decor. Unlike all the rooms in the house, it is in the kitchen that practicality is required. Before positioning the appliances, make an analysis of how the flow in the kitchen takes place. For example, it is common to remove the food from the refrigerator, transfer it to the sink and then reach the stove. How about following this order, if possible online? Placing these three distant appliances will make your kitchen not at all functional.

To decide which appliances will be purchased, evaluate some important issues:



Size of the family and their habits

For a couple, a four-burner stove, for the big family, a six-burner stove and an independent oven, for example, is also suitable. Are the purchases weekly or monthly? The storage of products interferes in the size of the refrigerator and also in the need of a freezer. If the family problem is just ice, forget the freezer and just buy the ice maker.


Kitchen and laundry area size

If these environments are small, buy 2-in-1 appliances: side-by-side refrigerators with little depth replace the double-fridges + freezer. The microwave with electric oven is very practical. The filter on the worktop can be replaced by the Aquaris filter under the vat. In this way, the cold water from the faucet has already filtered out. In the laundry area, the washer dryer is an excellent solution.


Who will use the kitchen?

Who will use the kitchen, you or the maid? The choice of finishes depends on this response. The stainless steel appliances are sturdy, but show more scratches. If you think that employees “detonate” the equipment a lot, do not invest huge amounts in these parts. Buy simple lines of good marks with white finish. They will work well, do not compromise aesthetics and avoid headaches. If you love cooking, buy a great stove and everything else you want. Good equipment can last for many years and makes all the difference to those who cook.


Important: each brand has a different metallic and / or metallic finish. If you are going to mix brands, check if the finishes are compatible.


Check your electrical network

Check the mains and charging board before purchasing the equipment. Ovens and grinders require a lot of energy and you may not have enough. It is also important to check if the equipment you are purchasing is 110 or 220 volts and its suitability to the electrical installations of the house. Crushers can only be installed in stainless steel tanks. Hoods can only be installed if there is provision for duct in construction, otherwise the solution is the air purifier.


Make a wish list list

Before buying, make a complete list of the desired equipment, with the dimensions and technical information and take this list to the store. Usually the seller introduces us to other products, sometimes on promotion or as an alternative to the equipment that is on the list and which he does not have at the moment. When you make the replacement, you check that the dimensions and capacity of the equipment will be compatible with what you have previously planned.

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