Residential lighting: find out which types of luminaire are most suitable for each environment

Choosing the correct luminaires for each home environment is important both for the decoration and for the correct distribution of light throughout the house. Having adequate residential lighting is essential to generate the sense of well-being and comfort in intimate areas or give the necessary focus to service environments.

For this, it is important to think not only of the quantity and color of light in each environment, but also of the most appropriate arrangement and distribution of the points of light. We separate fundamental tips to help you choose the fixtures for each environment of your home, check it out!



Lighting of the living room and living room

The room is usually a multifunctional space where people gather to talk, watch television, receive visitors …. So your lighting needs to be versatile and suitable for all activities. The ideal is that this environment brings the feeling of coziness, but without impairing the functionality of the activities.

Pendant luminaires can be used in general lighting, but the ideal is to segment the lighting to take in all the functions of this room. Use washers and lamps to create a more diffuse than directed light flow of light that helps bring that sense of comfort and bets on specific points of directional lighting to enhance specific frames and objects.

If you have a home office in the living room wrap in desk lamps to enhance the lighting. White light bulbs help keep focus in addition to showing colors more accurately.


Dining room with more charm

This environment can be integrated into the living room, but still deserves its own lighting focus. The best option is to choose a pendant lamp with long wire, which will let the light focus between 60 cm and 80 cm away from the surface of the table. In this way the light highlights the food without obfuscating the look. It is important that you choose bulbs that do not emit heat because their proximity may cause discomfort during meals. Led lamps are the most suitable for this space.


Kitchen and laundry: functional lighting

Both environments are intended for domestic work, so they need intense and well-distributed illumination, without causing shadows that could harm the visualization of the environment.

Platfons and spots spread over the ceiling provide good light in the room, but if hanging cabinets cast shadows on countertops and sinks, you can enhance lighting with led strips or tubular bulbs positioned below them.


Cozy rooms with indirect light

The room lighting should be cozy and intimate, providing the relaxing climate needed for rest. In this way, the most appropriate is to invest in diffuse and indirect lighting.

Long pendant lamps, lamps and strategically positioned spots are perfect for creating the indirect lighting effect. If they are controlled by dimmer, which controls the incidence of ambient light, the feeling of comfort is enhanced.


Bathroom: balance between functionality and comfort

The bathroom needs comforting lighting, but at the same time, it is as close as possible to natural light, because it is in this space that people usually dress, shave and look after themselves.

As the space of this environment is smaller, it needs few points of light. In general, a built-in platfon is sufficient to give general illumination of space. Spots nearby, preferably positioned around the mirror complement the illumination, filling the shadows and providing uniform light throughout the face.

One tip is to choose IRC bulbs between 80 and 100, which leave the colors closer to those of natural light, and shielded spots and platfons, resistant to water vapor and the typical humidity of the bathrooms.


Functional and cozy closet

If you have a large closet in your house or apartment, you need a special lighting project for it. In addition to providing brightness close to natural, all items must be easily viewed.

Spots of light inside the cabinets and niches help in the visualization of clothes and accessories. Already in the dresser is valid to use washers in the walls, around the sides of the mirror, to promote uniform illumination on the face. Pendants and chandeliers can create a general illumination with decorative effects, leaving the ambience more charming.

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