Vintage kitchen: check out our tips to leave yours with this style

The vintage style is more and more fashionable, whether in clothes, hairstyles or even decoration! In today’s post, we give you tips on how to apply this style in your kitchen!




The furniture has to be old!

Unlike the retro style, the vintage uses furniture that really comes from behind, if you mess around since Grandma’s time. You can find this type of furniture in specialized thrift stores. Surely in these you will find something that will please you. When changing the furniture, use indicated colors (that we will talk about below) and varnishes, to give brightness and restoration to the piece.


Earrings combine a lot!

At a time when old kitchens were considered current, there were no spot-type luminaires or other ones that are inserted over the ceiling. In those times, “hanged”, or colorful pendants were much more used. Put some of these types of luminaires that will surely shine (in all senses)!


Put a closet!

Usually vintage kitchens have large cabinets where all the dishes are placed. If your kitchen is spacious, to give an even more vintage effect, betting on this type of cabinet is a good one! So you put all the dishes in it and use the cabinets to stock other material of your choice.


Use pastel shades

Vintage kitchens will always have color somewhere, no matter if it is on the wall or in the objects. On the walls, to create an effect reiente to that of the old kitchens, use pastel shades as light blue or green, also clear. To contrast with the wall, put more vibrant shades on objects such as tables, chairs, or even kitchen utensils! Just be careful with visual pollution!

Beautiful is not it? Now that you have the tips, it’s time to apply them. To the next!

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